Imagine never suffering a blackout again.

Imagine eliminating your electric bills forever.

Imagine saving money on your building’s construction & operational costs.

Sustainable World

Imagine contributing to a cleaner, sustainable world.

Your imagination is now reality …

Did you know?


is the cost in billions of blackouts to US businesses each year


is what you could spend on blackout mitigation


is what you could spend each year on electricity

And you could feel much better from not contributing to the 40% of the nation’s carbon emissions released by electric power plants, 50% of water withdrawals needed to cool their operation, and the average 13,000 annual American deaths caused by their pollution.

Why the 24 Hour Solar Roof?

For your next commercial building consider that

Our 24-hour Solar Roof replaces a commercial building roof with photovoltaic panels in a watertight, insulated racking system that becomes the roof, adding batteries to store solar energy for 24/7 usage.

Our 24-hour Solar Roof delivers savings of about 35% of the construction cost of typical roofs and photovoltaic systems by eliminating the excess materials and labor that go into first building a roof out of concrete or steel to later add solar panels on top.

Our 24-hour Solar Roof delivers significant operational savings by greatly reducing or eliminating your electric bills—or even transforming your roof in a profit center by selling excess electricity to the grid.

More reasons for considering the 24-hour Solar Roof

Rooftop electricity is:

Reliable and 24/7

Because of our built-in batteries with 20-year lifespan.

Infinite & abundant

One hour of sunlight can power the world for one year.


It’s getting cheaper than utility-delivered fossil fuel electricity.


Non-polluting, non-toxic materials and best environmental option.

Growing Exponentially

U.S. annual growth of 75% from 2000 to 2013.

Social Impact

Did you know?


of the world’s population has no electricity


of the world’s population suffers from daily or periodic rolling blackouts


people are killed every year from fumes of open cooking fires

No electricity = High infant mortality, poverty, illiteracy and more

No rural electricity = rapid urbanization = Crime, drugs, pollution, diseases, etc.

“If one turns off all of the suicidal chatter about not saving our own planet from global warming (and other human-caused disaster scenarios, like ocean destruction), it is easy to see the energy endgame: solar everywhere. This is so obvious it really doesn’t merit discussion, but it is worth seeing the final result early in the game. Imagine if in every country in the world, a law were passed tomorrow: All new roofs have to be made of solar panels. OK, planet saved, and energy starts moving toward ‘free’.”

Mark Anderson—Publisher of Strategic News Service, 08/12/15

About Us

The 24-hour Solar Roof has been invented by GreenTech Endeavors LLC, a Miami-based cleantech garage/incubator managed by seasoned serial entrepreneurs who have launched 26 startups and have 71 years of combined entrepreneurial experience.

Management team

Will Perego

Chief Executive Officer

Serial entrepreneur. Expert marketer and dealmaker. Passionate for clean technologies, startups and straight talk.

Craig Nelson

Chief Manufacturing Officer

Savvy manufacturing engineer. Brings technologies from the laboratory to the market. Expert in automated industrial manufacturing processes for battery technologies.

Rick DeFino

VP of Sales

Accomplished business development professional and head of sales teams. Experienced in launching new renewable energy ventures internationally and passionate about the implementation of market-disrupting technologies.

Advisory board

Gustavo Souss

Advisor: Strategy

Experienced business strategist. Global track record at Fortune 500 and leading consulting companies. World view and practical start up experience.

Aquiles Nunez

Advisor: Growth

Business leader & coach. Strong Fortune 500 executive experience and capable of leading large and complex global projects.

Scott Brinks

Advisor: Logistics

Logistics design and global supply chain optimization expert. Experience in 40+ countries. Process strategist to accelerate the velocity of capital.

The 24-hour Solar Roof has been invited to join the United Nations Foundation’s Energy Access Practitioner Network for their Sustainable Energy for All program.

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